TreatmentPay As You GoDenPlan Essential
New patient examination £49.00Included*
Regular oral health check£39.90Included*
(2 Per Year)
Consultation (20min)£39.90£35.90
Emergency appointment£45.00£40.50
Out of hours call outFrom £119.00Included*
Routine treatments
Hygienist appointment: 20 min / 30 min£45.00 / £55.002 visits Included per year
White filling (Tooth coloured)From £69.00From £62.10
White filling (back of mouth)From £75.00From £67.50
Temporary dressing£29.00£26.10
Simple extractionFrom £95.00From £85.50
Surgical extractionFrom £189.00From £170.10
Root canal treatment (inclusive of x-ray)
Incisors, CaninesFrom £249.00From £224.10
Pre molarsFrom £349.00From £314.10
MolarsFrom £499.00From £449.10
Preventative treatment
Fissure sealants (per tooth)£35.00£31.50
Cosmetic treatment
Bleaching tray£95.00£80.00
Teeth whitening home set (single arch),2 syringes£299.00£269.10
Teeth whitening home set (upper and lower jaws), 5 Syringes£399.00£359.10
Teeth whitening refill per tube£29.00£26.10
Single Implant (Including Crown)£2,200.00 (from)£1,980.00 (from)
Invisible brace
All prices are priced on case complexityP.O.AP.O.A
Crowns (starting from)
Gold Crown£554.00£498.60
Porcelain Bonded Crown£554.00£498.60
Metal Free / Ceramic Crown£570.00£513.00
Re-cement crown£79.00£71.10
Temporary crown£89.00 each£75.00 each
Core / Post£149.00 each£134.10 each
Metal Free Inlay£570.00£513.00
Porcelain Veneer£554.00£498.60
Adhesive bridge (Maryland)£325.00 per unit£292.50 per unit
Conventional bridge from£499.00 per unit£449.10 per unit
Temporary bridge£79.00 per unit£67.00 per unit
Re-cement bridgeFrom £99.00 From £89.10
Prosthetics (starting from)
Standard Acrylic partial dentureFrom £299.00£269.10
High Impact partial dentureFrom £599.00£539.10
SunFlex partial denture From £599.00£539.10
Acrylic Full upper or lower dentureFrom £699.00£629.10
Acrylic Full upper & lower dentureFrom £899.00£809.10
Metal based partial denturesFrom £599.00£539.10
Mouth guard (clear)POAPOA
Acrylic bite guard (night guard)£290.00£261.00